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What is miley cyrus smoking?

So if you haven’t heard the news yet, Miley Cyrus is getting more attention from the press, and this time, it’s from smoking. Not smoking a cigarette, marijuana, or any of those illegal substance, she’s taking a substance called ‘salvia’. … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays:)

This is going to be my last post for this year. And since it is the time for giving, my present to you is going to be something very unique. Something that will give you a smile that will last … Continue reading

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The new windows media player?

Is this the new UI that Microsoft is going to release with the new upcoming Windows Media Player? Well it sure looks like it; Microsoft is aiming for the metro design that comes with the Zune, the Windows Phone 7, … Continue reading

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Aol gives birth to mail again

Ever since the 1990, the market shre of Aol has plumped. The most likely reasons of why this is happening is because of its mail service. It doesn’t have the features to compete with its competition. Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Google all have … Continue reading

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The Republican Takeover

Just recently, the Republicans took control of the house, meaning that they have regain power. Is this good, or bad, I don’t know. They say that they want to change America, fix the damages that Obama has done, and put it … Continue reading

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Is the Zune Dead?

If you type in ‘The Zune is Dead, Long Live the Zune’ in any search engine, you would get many results, saying that Microsoft is abandoning its band wagon for the Zune line, and hoping onto the Windows Phone 7. … Continue reading

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Brewing Trouble for Microsoft

Apple just recently announce their new line of Mac OS X, and their new line of MacBook Air. If you haven`t seen this new devices that Apple is going to release in the near future, try going here: Now … Continue reading

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