What is miley cyrus smoking?

So if you haven’t heard the news yet, Miley Cyrus is getting more attention from the press, and this time, it’s from smoking. Not smoking a cigarette, marijuana, or any of those illegal substance, she’s taking a substance called ‘salvia’. A new drug in which the new of it is just surfacing.

Here’s the back story of the new drug:

  • It’s a halluciongenic drug that’s gain with teenagers
  • It’s a legal herb
  • No short-term dangers for teens
  • Comes from the area of Mexico

Parents and officials are now getting concern of what the long-term effects  are about. People are going to ask scientist questions such as those, and they themselves might not even know. This teen superstar has had some problems with the press from the start. From the early beginning as a child star, to the pictures of where she got her nude back taken. All these with her father by her side, until now. ‘I feel really sad!’ state Mr. Cyrus.

For many kids that has their parents divorced, they will usally turn to something to escape the reality. And I guess, for Ms. Miley Cyrus, she turned to drugs. Sure this drug is legal, safe (for now), but it’s still not acceptable.

This just comes several days after Miley’s birthday, and since of the video’s emergance, the demand for salvia has spiked in sales. But the government still doesn’t know what type of long term affects that this will have on the kids who smoked it. All they know that this would release them into a dream like world that would last several minutes to hours.

Give us your thoughts on this drug. Do you support it or not. The rest of the world wants to know of what your thoughts is right now!

For more information of the story, click here.

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