The new windows media player?

CE7UIIs this the new UI that Microsoft is going to release with the new upcoming Windows Media Player? Well it sure looks like it; Microsoft is aiming for the metro design that comes with the Zune, the Windows Phone 7, and other products. It’s sleek, clean, and simple to use, making it interesting for consumers. A big turn-around from its humble beginning in 1995. This possible new change would be a leap forward for Microsoft on how they will make their designs look. It’s not like the competition is  likes to cram everything in it, giving all the control you need, but sometimes you can’t really find it. With Microsoft, they like you to be the king of your domain, without getting you confused. They sure cram all the information in one place, but not with a cluttered interface.

Take the examples between the interface of the Zune software and iTunes. The interface of the Zune is much more appealing than iTunes.

The Windows Phone 7 uses a similar concept, an upgraded version of the CE6, with some of the features found in the upcoming version that are found in the CE7. This sure is a step forward for Microsoft, trying to redesign their company as a hip company. Having a track record of being a nerd all this time, since the beginning. They have always kept their design straight forward, and kind of boring. Just look at the previous version of their products that carry the ‘metro’ design. It wasn’t really appealing to consumers.

Every year, the computer market share has been crumbling from the hands of Microsoft by a slight amount and being gobbled by Apple. The reason why is that the Apple has something there that Microsoft doesn’t, I don’t know what, and it seems that the PC people don’t know what; mind contol any body? If the PC guru wants to keep the dominance in the lead, they will have to something in ‘Windows 8’, and the new UI for Windows Media Player and others might just do the trick, for now.

Who knows, the concept UI of the upcoming CE7 could be used something else besides Windows Media Player. Tell me what you think this could be used for, the world wants to listen in.

Pictures courtesy of Wikipedia.

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