Aol gives birth to mail again

Ever since the 1990, the market shre of Aol has plumped. The most likely reasons of why this is happening is because of its mail service. It doesn’t have the features to compete with its competition. Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Google all have mail services, and their services has more features that dominates Aol. Sure Aol has some features that make it average, but it doesn’t really stand out of the others. Both Microsoft and Google has a built-in editting tool that lets you do your work on the cloud, and Yahoo! has the interface of a modern client. It’s no wonder that Aol is lossing its consumers, the people want all the cool features in their mail, and Aol doesn’t really set the standard. I myself, am an Aol consumer, and it sure gets the job done. But if that, is the only that it does, it’s not really fun. People don’t want to just crack the nut shell and be done with it. They want to eat the nut found inside. With Aol, you just get to crack the shell and that’s it.

Now, lets look at the numbers. Comparing Aol to the big three, Aol is like your Benjamin Button; he’s old in appearance, but still has that feeling of a child, that doesn’t know what his doing. Hotmail has 361 million, Yahoo has 273 million, and Google has 193 million, these are big numbers, comparing to Aol’s 30.8 million. It has come a long way from its early rise of fame, to its downfall, which you could see that Aol isn’t doing that good with that number. I’m sure that Aol has similar numbers as in the finance sector of its business.

With the upcoming project that Aol will release next year, Aol will release a slew of new application in the client. Like, for example:

  • A choice of an alternate domain besides
  • A heavy integration with other mail clients
  • A ‘Quick Bar’ for quick messaging
  • A ‘photo window’ attachment, in which the photo is collected in one compressed file
  • Mapquest sidebar
  • Tab navigation
  • multiple inbox view

This would really compete with the others, especially Gmail and Yahoo with its effortless interface and navigation, and its hands-down application, but how does it compete with Hotmail. With Hotmail, you would get all of these already applications with its additional aid from its Office Web Apps. Sure Google does this too, but the interface isn’t as that clean as Hotmail. But it’s a start with Aol, bringing itself into the 21st century.

As the years climbed through the staircase of time, the competitions have given birth to brand-new predators, while others have eliminated theirs. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. When the competition gave up their clients, this is great news for Aol, but when competition kept their clients, they improved it. Aol haven’t kept up with their pace, losing their race with the competition. They’ve done upgrades over the year, but those upgrades aren’t just creative, and dated as the others. With the latest update that Aol will release, this would bring great hope to the bright future ahead.

If you look at these pictures here, both the log-on screen, and the inbox are clean and have a nice looking interface. It sure beats the interface of Gmail, and Yahoo! & Live by a slight bit. Aol surely put its bets on the table, but my main question is that ‘how will the consumer like it?’ This days, consumers are hard to please, and if this works, it is a step forward for Aol.

It’s going to be a while before Aol release the beta version for the public, and when it comes out, I while be one of the first ones to use it. I hope to see you there also using the new Aol project. This is a new concept that is way different from the others that are out there.

For more of an in-depth look at this project, click here.

Courtesy of CNN Money.

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