The Republican Takeover

Just recently, the Republicans took control of the house, meaning that they have regain power. Is this good, or bad, I don’t know. They say that they want to change America, fix the damages that Obama has done, and put it back on its tracks. Sure this sounds great and all, but I think the Republicans just want it for themselves, they don’t want to help the people, but to control America once agian. They’re making Obama the prime targer.

With the dreadlock that Obama has to face for the next 2 years, Obama is going to have hell all over. The Republicans would only work if the Democrats would drop all the propose bills that they have planned. Such plans like the universal health care plan. I think they should keep the plan up, most of the Americans don’t protected coveraged, and with the help of the goverment, it would really help.

If this keeps up, and the Democrats does’t do something that would keep them in the lead, they will lose everything in 2012. People, just remember what the Republicans did in 2008, you should be angry at all levels of government, not just the Democrats.

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