Is the Zune Dead?

If you type in ‘The Zune is Dead, Long Live the Zune’ in any search engine, you would get many results, saying that Microsoft is abandoning its band wagon for the Zune line, and hoping onto the Windows Phone 7. I would understand why, from the early start of the days of the Zune in 2006, Microsoft didn’t have a strong reason of why people should abandon their iPod and switch over to the Zune. The only reason of why people switch over is because the line of the Zune is cheaper than Apple’s iPod Touch. That’s practically it, that the only reason, seriously.

The Zune is one of the greatest device that Microsoft has ever released. With its OLED screen, the great quality for sound and many others, but it seems that people doesn’t care about that, they only care on the apps that the device has.

Microsoft has to really step it up in this version of Windows Phone. If not, it could be dead like the other devices that Microsoft released, and died, in just a matter of months. And I could understand about the Zune, most people doesn’t really care about the Zune, and that’s why I think Microsoft is ending the project. That’s just sad, I love the Zune, and I can’t get one because of my location, and this is one of the greatest device ever built-in human history.

All we could do is just sob, and see if Microsoft is going to take this away in the near future. Mostly, Microsoft will, because that most people just need one device that could do anything, and that device is your smartphone. Well, this is just one less competition for Apple!

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