Teleportation: It’s Real and Coming to a Future Near You

Ok, so, I don’t know if you already heard this or not, but scientist in the Univerisity of  Maryland have made a device that lets atom send a message, transfering the data from one place to another. They just transfered the data in just three feet . Some of you might say that three feet is kind of short, but that’s nothing, but three feet is actually a lot in the terms of science. Even if you get a couple of inches that still something, scientist would consider that a success. If they fail, they will learn from their failure, and from that, they would do better in their next trial.

It’s not a matter of compition in science, but of how you do it, how figured out the answers, and how you will make this discovery a better innovation for the future. And with this teleportation, this would cut travel thim by heaps of time, and we wouldn’t have to worry about getting into accidents.

I would go crazy if I could teleport now, to anywhere in the universe, and back in a pinch of time. I wouldn’t be able to get my mind around this new invention after a couple of weeks!Kirk & Spock appearing in the transporterJust look at the people of Star Trek, they could beam down any place that they want, visit the place, and just go back to the Enterprise in a matter a seconds. All without using a drop of fuel to travel from the ship to the planet and back!

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