Brewing Trouble for Microsoft

Apple just recently announce their new line of Mac OS X, and their new line of MacBook Air. If you haven`t seen this new devices that Apple is going to release in the near future, try going here:

Now that you’ve catched up, these things are going to be a killer for Microsoft. With their Lion havig an app store, improve speed for waking up, an OS that’s cheaper than Windows and much, much more improvements, Microsoft would want to do something to bring more of the Mac community over to Windows. They will need to a first-class attack campaign to show people of why they should ditch their Macs and go on over to Windows. Over the years, Windows have been improving, but with the Macs, their improvements are by the failures that Microsoft made in the past to get more people to buy their products. And this is a great strategie, it’s just devious. If their was only a way of how Microsoft could do the same, but using Apple by their own venom. From Vista and ME, Apple have never lost their spot from attacking Apple, and now, it seems that Apple is winning that war.

Personally, Windows is much more better than the Mac, having more options to make your Windows you. If Microsoft doesn’t keep this up, Microsoft would not be the king of software anymore, losing it’s title to Apple:(

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