What is miley cyrus smoking?

So if you haven’t heard the news yet, Miley Cyrus is getting more attention from the press, and this time, it’s from smoking. Not smoking a cigarette, marijuana, or any of those illegal substance, she’s taking a substance called ‘salvia’. A new drug in which the new of it is just surfacing.

Here’s the back story of the new drug:

  • It’s a halluciongenic drug that’s gain with teenagers
  • It’s a legal herb
  • No short-term dangers for teens
  • Comes from the area of Mexico

Parents and officials are now getting concern of what the long-term effects  are about. People are going to ask scientist questions such as those, and they themselves might not even know. This teen superstar has had some problems with the press from the start. From the early beginning as a child star, to the pictures of where she got her nude back taken. All these with her father by her side, until now. ‘I feel really sad!’ state Mr. Cyrus.

For many kids that has their parents divorced, they will usally turn to something to escape the reality. And I guess, for Ms. Miley Cyrus, she turned to drugs. Sure this drug is legal, safe (for now), but it’s still not acceptable.

This just comes several days after Miley’s birthday, and since of the video’s emergance, the demand for salvia has spiked in sales. But the government still doesn’t know what type of long term affects that this will have on the kids who smoked it. All they know that this would release them into a dream like world that would last several minutes to hours.

Give us your thoughts on this drug. Do you support it or not. The rest of the world wants to know of what your thoughts is right now!

For more information of the story, click here.

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Happy Holidays:)

This is going to be my last post for this year. And since it is the time for giving, my present to you is going to be something very unique. Something that will give you a smile that will last the rest of the holiday season. So have a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year everybody:)

I hope that this will bring a smile onto your face this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year. See you later in the new year. Probably around the launch of CES 2011. For the time being, see ya in a while.

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The new windows media player?

CE7UIIs this the new UI that Microsoft is going to release with the new upcoming Windows Media Player? Well it sure looks like it; Microsoft is aiming for the metro design that comes with the Zune, the Windows Phone 7, and other products. It’s sleek, clean, and simple to use, making it interesting for consumers. A big turn-around from its humble beginning in 1995. This possible new change would be a leap forward for Microsoft on how they will make their designs look. It’s not like the competition is  likes to cram everything in it, giving all the control you need, but sometimes you can’t really find it. With Microsoft, they like you to be the king of your domain, without getting you confused. They sure cram all the information in one place, but not with a cluttered interface.

Take the examples between the interface of the Zune software and iTunes. The interface of the Zune is much more appealing than iTunes.

The Windows Phone 7 uses a similar concept, an upgraded version of the CE6, with some of the features found in the upcoming version that are found in the CE7. This sure is a step forward for Microsoft, trying to redesign their company as a hip company. Having a track record of being a nerd all this time, since the beginning. They have always kept their design straight forward, and kind of boring. Just look at the previous version of their products that carry the ‘metro’ design. It wasn’t really appealing to consumers.

Every year, the computer market share has been crumbling from the hands of Microsoft by a slight amount and being gobbled by Apple. The reason why is that the Apple has something there that Microsoft doesn’t, I don’t know what, and it seems that the PC people don’t know what; mind contol any body? If the PC guru wants to keep the dominance in the lead, they will have to something in ‘Windows 8’, and the new UI for Windows Media Player and others might just do the trick, for now.

Who knows, the concept UI of the upcoming CE7 could be used something else besides Windows Media Player. Tell me what you think this could be used for, the world wants to listen in.

Pictures courtesy of Wikipedia.

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Aol gives birth to mail again

Ever since the 1990, the market shre of Aol has plumped. The most likely reasons of why this is happening is because of its mail service. It doesn’t have the features to compete with its competition. Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Google all have mail services, and their services has more features that dominates Aol. Sure Aol has some features that make it average, but it doesn’t really stand out of the others. Both Microsoft and Google has a built-in editting tool that lets you do your work on the cloud, and Yahoo! has the interface of a modern client. It’s no wonder that Aol is lossing its consumers, the people want all the cool features in their mail, and Aol doesn’t really set the standard. I myself, am an Aol consumer, and it sure gets the job done. But if that, is the only that it does, it’s not really fun. People don’t want to just crack the nut shell and be done with it. They want to eat the nut found inside. With Aol, you just get to crack the shell and that’s it.

Now, lets look at the numbers. Comparing Aol to the big three, Aol is like your Benjamin Button; he’s old in appearance, but still has that feeling of a child, that doesn’t know what his doing. Hotmail has 361 million, Yahoo has 273 million, and Google has 193 million, these are big numbers, comparing to Aol’s 30.8 million. It has come a long way from its early rise of fame, to its downfall, which you could see that Aol isn’t doing that good with that number. I’m sure that Aol has similar numbers as in the finance sector of its business.

With the upcoming project that Aol will release next year, Aol will release a slew of new application in the client. Like, for example:

  • A choice of an alternate domain besides @aol.com
  • A heavy integration with other mail clients
  • A ‘Quick Bar’ for quick messaging
  • A ‘photo window’ attachment, in which the photo is collected in one compressed file
  • Mapquest sidebar
  • Tab navigation
  • multiple inbox view

This would really compete with the others, especially Gmail and Yahoo with its effortless interface and navigation, and its hands-down application, but how does it compete with Hotmail. With Hotmail, you would get all of these already applications with its additional aid from its Office Web Apps. Sure Google does this too, but the interface isn’t as that clean as Hotmail. But it’s a start with Aol, bringing itself into the 21st century.

As the years climbed through the staircase of time, the competitions have given birth to brand-new predators, while others have eliminated theirs. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. When the competition gave up their clients, this is great news for Aol, but when competition kept their clients, they improved it. Aol haven’t kept up with their pace, losing their race with the competition. They’ve done upgrades over the year, but those upgrades aren’t just creative, and dated as the others. With the latest update that Aol will release, this would bring great hope to the bright future ahead.

If you look at these pictures here, both the log-on screen, and the inbox are clean and have a nice looking interface. It sure beats the interface of Gmail, and Yahoo! & Live by a slight bit. Aol surely put its bets on the table, but my main question is that ‘how will the consumer like it?’ This days, consumers are hard to please, and if this works, it is a step forward for Aol.

It’s going to be a while before Aol release the beta version for the public, and when it comes out, I while be one of the first ones to use it. I hope to see you there also using the new Aol project. This is a new concept that is way different from the others that are out there.

For more of an in-depth look at this project, click here.

Courtesy of CNN Money.

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The Republican Takeover

Just recently, the Republicans took control of the house, meaning that they have regain power. Is this good, or bad, I don’t know. They say that they want to change America, fix the damages that Obama has done, and put it back on its tracks. Sure this sounds great and all, but I think the Republicans just want it for themselves, they don’t want to help the people, but to control America once agian. They’re making Obama the prime targer.

With the dreadlock that Obama has to face for the next 2 years, Obama is going to have hell all over. The Republicans would only work if the Democrats would drop all the propose bills that they have planned. Such plans like the universal health care plan. I think they should keep the plan up, most of the Americans don’t protected coveraged, and with the help of the goverment, it would really help.

If this keeps up, and the Democrats does’t do something that would keep them in the lead, they will lose everything in 2012. People, just remember what the Republicans did in 2008, you should be angry at all levels of government, not just the Democrats.

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Is the Zune Dead?

If you type in ‘The Zune is Dead, Long Live the Zune’ in any search engine, you would get many results, saying that Microsoft is abandoning its band wagon for the Zune line, and hoping onto the Windows Phone 7. I would understand why, from the early start of the days of the Zune in 2006, Microsoft didn’t have a strong reason of why people should abandon their iPod and switch over to the Zune. The only reason of why people switch over is because the line of the Zune is cheaper than Apple’s iPod Touch. That’s practically it, that the only reason, seriously.

The Zune is one of the greatest device that Microsoft has ever released. With its OLED screen, the great quality for sound and many others, but it seems that people doesn’t care about that, they only care on the apps that the device has.

Microsoft has to really step it up in this version of Windows Phone. If not, it could be dead like the other devices that Microsoft released, and died, in just a matter of months. And I could understand about the Zune, most people doesn’t really care about the Zune, and that’s why I think Microsoft is ending the project. That’s just sad, I love the Zune, and I can’t get one because of my location, and this is one of the greatest device ever built-in human history.

All we could do is just sob, and see if Microsoft is going to take this away in the near future. Mostly, Microsoft will, because that most people just need one device that could do anything, and that device is your smartphone. Well, this is just one less competition for Apple!

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Brewing Trouble for Microsoft

Apple just recently announce their new line of Mac OS X, and their new line of MacBook Air. If you haven`t seen this new devices that Apple is going to release in the near future, try going here: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-20020332-56.html

Now that you’ve catched up, these things are going to be a killer for Microsoft. With their Lion havig an app store, improve speed for waking up, an OS that’s cheaper than Windows and much, much more improvements, Microsoft would want to do something to bring more of the Mac community over to Windows. They will need to a first-class attack campaign to show people of why they should ditch their Macs and go on over to Windows. Over the years, Windows have been improving, but with the Macs, their improvements are by the failures that Microsoft made in the past to get more people to buy their products. And this is a great strategie, it’s just devious. If their was only a way of how Microsoft could do the same, but using Apple by their own venom. From Vista and ME, Apple have never lost their spot from attacking Apple, and now, it seems that Apple is winning that war.

Personally, Windows is much more better than the Mac, having more options to make your Windows you. If Microsoft doesn’t keep this up, Microsoft would not be the king of software anymore, losing it’s title to Apple:(

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